Message from DSS Member: We intend to run an early clinical evaluation of our algorithm, for which we are in need of a diabetologist or a clinician.

Please contact  Sirisha Adimatyam CEO Innovosens at Medeon Science Park

Early clinical evaluation of Diabsens’s Algorithm

What is Diabsens
“Diabsens” is a connected health Multi metabolite Diabetic sensor, reinforced by a patented Algorithm and an App, The sensor will monitor simultaneously 3 parameters together with glucose and send data to the app. Through our Diabsen’s algorithm the data in the app will be processed and a collective analysis of multiparameters will be done in order to study the patterns of all the four measurements in relation to food intake and physical acitivity which will help in drawing meaningful conclusions and inferences leading to predictions of hyper hypo glycemia and make recommendations for medications, dietary plan and physical activity.

Purpose of Early clinical Evaluation of algorithm

We intend to run an early clinical evaluation of our algorithm, for which we are in need of a diabetologist or a clinician, the clinician would help us in collecting the blood samples for fasting, post lunch and random blood glucose + 3 other parameters of type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients for a period of 10 weeks and enter the values in Innovosen’s dash board, it will be great if they can also interpret the data, then we will further analyse the patterns of these parameters collected with a diabetic researcher, we will then study these patterns in relation to the food intake, medication and physical acitivity.

Use of Sample Reports

The data analysed will be used for collective anlalysis of multiple parameters in relation to Diabsens’s Algorithm reflecting the pathophysiology of the diabetic patients, Diabsens will enable patient empowerment by regular monitoring of multimetabolites in relation to their food intake and draw meaningful inferences and conclusions and make recommendations on diet, insulin regulation and physical acitivity etc.,

Objectives of Diabsens

• Diabsens leads to development strategy of Early Diagnosis and Management which is directed at High risk and low risk diabetic patients and also prediabetics and gestational diabetics.
• This strategy offers practical instructions for intensive lifestyle management, as well as quality criteria for its practical implementation, insulin regulation and dietary plan which will help in enhancing the treatment without delay by instituting appropriate medication to prevent the development of diabetic complications
• Diabsens aims to bring these people into the sphere of systematic treatment, thus preventing the development of diabetic complications that reduces the affected person’s quality of life and are expensive to manage
• Diabsens aims to reduce high risk of diabetes by monitoring and recommending intensive lifestyle changes and dietary recommendations in obese individuals reducing the risks of cardio vascular disease while making them self motivated to prevent type 2 diabetes
• Diabsens aims to find the reasons to disease progression, since diabetes leads to NAFLD, diabetic retinopathy, foot ulcers, Chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease etc, with the preventive measures through “Diabsens”. Thus the disease progression can be postponed by couple of years, saving some costs for health care

Benefits of Diabsens
• Diabsens helps to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness prevention.
• To reduce the prevalence and the care requirement for the complications of diabetes
• With the early screening and constant monotiring Chronic diabetics who are susceptible to Renal failure, Heart disease, foot ulcers, Eye problems and other hyper and hypo glycemica complications can be reduced drastically or disease intensity can be postponed by another couple of days.
• To provide earlier diagnosis of people who are unaware of their type 2, prediabetes and gestational diabetes.